Know More about Private Accounts on Instagram


Well, Instagram, as you know, is social media which people mainly use to post their photos and videos. In it, one can also chat with another person with the help of messages features. The best thing about the application Instagram is that in it all the posted images and videos are shown at a person’s profile. In Instagram, one can be able to create either the public account or the private account.

There is only one main difference between these two types of accounts, and that is the visibility of posts on the profile. It means that on public account anyone can easily see your photos without even following you. On the other hand, on private account, the only person who can watch your posts is that who follows you. Now, what can a person do to view private Instagram posts in some case?

Know the ways to view posts on private Instagram account

As nothing is impossible in today’s world’s, so viewing posts which are posted on any private Instagram account is also an easy and simple task. Below are some easy ways mentioned which directly and helps you out in watching the private photos and profile of any person you wish –

  • Asks the person politely – It means that one should that person directly to whose profile and photos you are interested in. If he or she feels comfortable with you, then they easily allow you to watch their profile and photos.
  • Use Instagram viewer sites – It refers to the sites which are present online on many sources. There are several new and classic Instagram viewer sites which easily help you out in view private Instagram profile and photos of any person.
  • Make use of Instagram hack tools – There are also some Instagram hack tools available which directly take you to any person’s private Instagram profile and photos. After using these hack tools, you don’t need to follow that person.

So, these are some straightforward methods which help you out in watching the private profile and photos of any person.