4 best points for playing in Bid Wars


Bid Wars is the popular game on the internet, and it is offered by the tapps games. Fun and excitement begin with auction because there is a lot of bidding is running. The game is perfect for the mobile device, and it is easily installed. You will surprise with many kinds of new stuff, and it is based on a new concept.  The player has to be the star of the game, but it takes some time.  On the beginning, some amount of free money is provided by the platform. Anyone can increase the amount of money with the help of Bid Wars Hack. Such Hack is a secure option, and you do not worry about the banning of the game.

Essential points for improving the bidding:

Understand about terms

First of all the players have to know about some confusable terms. In which many kinds of different parameters and conditions are essential for all. Each one helps us for playing high in the game and achieves rewards by the auctions.

Go with the highest bid

The highest bid is the best for enhancing your respect and ranking among other players.  You will also get many kinds of profits. Your rivals are ready for the beating, but you have to be high strategies.  Such kind of players is the real star of the game.

Wait for rivals

When the bidding is going, then you have wait for the turn of rival players. You can change your bid rate quickly. Most of the rivals want to confuse you, and they are seeking for defeating you in the auction. The entire bidding process takes some time for perfection.

Focus on money

Money is the basis for participating in online auctions. You have to spend much amount of money for winning. Your investments are beneficial for you, and if you are have not a large amount of currency, then you can take advantage by Bid Wars Hack.


A Layman’s Guide to Episode: Choose Your Story


Episode: Choose Your Story is the game which people from all across the world are waiting for. Now, as it is launched by Episode Interactive, so it becomes the most trending and top-grossing simulation-based game for these days. Players have to make sure that they are going to play the game by knowing all the basic things that relate to it. So, by thinking or keeping the same thing in mind, in the same post, there are some general things discussed the game.

In Episode: Choose Your Story, there are two main types of in-game currency present, and it is compulsory for the players to earn in-game currency in sufficient amount to play the game properly. Not only the in-game currency that the same game includes, but it also includes lots of rewards and outfits. Users are free to create different characters in Episode: Choose Your Story and they are also free to choose any story in the game. The entire process is in the hands of players of Episode: Choose Your Story.

Role of in-game currency in Episode: Choose Your Story

Episode: Choose Your Story includes two major types of in-game currency in it, and these two play a big role in the game. It is a little wider concept, so all the main things about the types of in-game currency are mentioned below –

  • Gems – it is the basic currency in Episode: Choose Your Story and players have to earn them in good amount. The main use of gems is to buy more new outfits and many other things in the game. These are also earned by using the Episode Hack
  • Passes – it is another basic or you can say the significant type of currency which you need to earn in Episode: Choose Your Story. The same currency is also earned by using the hack option, and it is used for unlocking different stories and outfits in the game.

These are the two main things that you should know. So, all the things which are described above show you the importance of in-game currency.

Hidden tips for performing good in Golf Clash


In digital life, most of the things are available on the internet. When we talk about mobile games, then one game come in mind and that is Golf Clash. The game has wonderful users interface, and we can start the match with friends. Most of the parts are very easy to everyone, and anyone can be perfect in the game by spending some time.  Various players are going to hack the game with Golf Clash hack, and it is helpful for getting success in small time.  The content of the game is appropriate with the game, and the makers provide good stuff for playing.

All of the players are seeking for reaching the highest level of the game. You need to understand some vital points and smash the match quickly.

Concern about gameplay

Gameplay is very easy, and if you know all the rules of real golf, then it is very easy for you. While the player plays the game and interacts with every component, so he easily learns everything.  Most of the player is not concern about the gameplay, but it is very important for everyone for perfection.

Play in training

The newcomers should play in such training mode matches and skilled up their performance. In which you can also check your ability to play the match. Some high-class mentors are helping you for teaching some vital steps for playing well in real-time matches.

Open some chests

Chests are all about currencies and many new things. Free platinum chests are a very good source of currency, and they contain many different things. Several kinds of upgrading are happen with the help of chests. The player must focus on opening chests and take the help with Golf Clash Hack. Such hack is safe for everyone and does not breach any policy of the game. You must follow such points for becoming successful in every match of golf.

What Are The Role Of Assassins Creed Rebellion Game?


Nowadays, it seems that people are facing the problem of mental stress and tension. No doubt, if you prefer online gaming portal, then you can enhance your mental skills and find enjoyment in it. In order to play interesting action game then you can consider the Assassins Creed Rebellion. It is one of the popular games that shows fighting skill. With the gameplay, you have to complete various challenging tasks and Mason that attacks on the enemy.

In the game, you will find coins and currency that gives you the energy to fight efficiently. If you have lack of swords and tools of fighting, then you can use Assassins Creed Rebellion cheats and complete each mission on time.

Things to know

There is a variety of thing that makes the game excellent for every individual to play.

  • Set up team: Firstly, you have to make a proper brotherhood team in order to get fight with the enemy. The attacks will be handle with swords, and you Assassins have to run fast. They can chase the templar and defeat it. The game is specifically made in the Spain that sparks the rebellion. In case, if you are facing any difficulty with swords, then you can apply the Assassins Creed Rebellion cheats and develop better strategies.
  • Implement mission: In the game, it requires a mission to be performed in a strategic manner. The tram of brotherhood will commence planning in order to cover the enemy. The game also offers you to recruit new Assassins so that the unity of the team can become strong.
  • The attack on the enemy: Now, you can easily attack the templar and defeat with a mobile strategy. The role playing game helps to obtain and tackle the obstacles to feel victory in the universe. There will be a box from where you can open and win the rewards and coins.

Thus, the above mentioned points are clearly showing the role of Assassins in the game. They are performing well to defeat templar.

Battlelands Royale – check the core concepts now!


Have you ever played Battlelands Royale? If not then you have missed a great fun you can have while playing the best action game. There are a huge number of games in the market the user can play in his free time. But it is the most excellent as it is available for both iOS users and Android users.

There are many things the game offer to the user playing it. If you want to know more about the game most finely, then stay tuned. In this article, we are going to tell some important information about the game to have the greatest experience. There are mainly two modes in the game:

  • Solo (lone wolf)
  • Duo (destructive duo)

The decision mainly depends on the user who is playing the game. If he is comfortable playing solo, then he can play solo. On the other hand, if he likes to play single, then he can play single. Let us tell you some more things about the Battlelands Royale Cheats and its modes so that you can make the right decision.

  • Solo

The finest thing about choosing this mode is the user does not have to go in the ambush to help his teammates. This will eventually lead the user to have a great winning and surviving chance. Along with this, he does not have to worry about distributing the weapons and ammo with other players. He can have all of them which he found in the game.

  • Duo

The main benefits of playing in a duo mode and you have reached the lower level with your team, and there is very less number of players in the game you easily have higher chances of winning. The reason behind this is you and your team has survived this long you can also kill the others and win the match.

On the other hand if you are playing in duo then even if you got a hard hit there is a chance your teammates can revive you rather than dying. Along with this the chances of killing the enemy will also increase.

Toon Blast- A deep guidance about coins


In today’s world, various games are available on stores which have own virtual currency for performing different types of activities. You can quickly learn the importance and essential role of currencies in real human life. Well, Toon Blast is also this kind of platform which allows you to do this. It is an open puzzle world where you can easily enchase brain skills. This game apk is available free of cost on the game store. It means you do not need to play for playing the game. If you are looking for the best platform to kill tedious hours, then you should download it.

Information about Coins-

Here the coins are a primary kind of currency for performing different types of activity.  It is helpful to purchase boosters and other resources. You can also take part in events, missions and other activity. Always use it wisely because without it you are not able to play the game. If you are a new player, then you need to know some special ways of earning it. For getting detail about those paths to read the article with focus.

  • Complete Challenges-

There are different types of challenges available in the game. Each mission has a unique goal, and when you complete these goals, then you are able to complete the challenges. After pass it you will get a massive amount of rewards.  So via the help of it, you can easily gain some amount of coins.

  • Events-

The game is full fill from lots of weekly and monthly basic events. Many worldwide players are taking part in these events. Under these events lots of small missions are present. When you complete these challenges with them, you will get free rewards. In this rewards a huge amount of coins are available.

Spend Currencies on useful elements-

We all know that coins are an essential part of the game and very hard to gain but you can by trying Toon Blast Cheats . You should always try to spend it on valuable elements like upgrade and purchase. If you have enough amount of currencies then purchasing booster are an excellent source to spend it. It means the spending coins on a useless item is wastage of currencies.


Tips to help the user clear the hard levels


Gardenscapes is a match 3 level game developed by Playrix. It is one of the best and most demanded casual game the user can find in the gaming market. There are a huge number of these games, but it is demanded and has a huge demand. Along with this, it is available for both Android and iOS users.

So if you are having an android phone or an iOS phone, you can easily play the game easily without any issues. Along with this, the graphics of the game are high. If you check the size of the game, then you will see that it is really low compared to the graphics provided by the developer.

Tips to keep in mind

There are a lot of levels in the game which are hard as compared to the other levels. Some people have been stuck in them for a long time. If you are also facing these issues then in this article we will tell you some tips to clear these levels in the right way. Here are some of them the user needs to keep in mind.

  • Play with all the concentration so that you can easily clear the level and find different-different ways as well to get a higher score.
  • Try to make the match of more than 3 matches. This will help you to clear the level in the right way.
  • If you are unable to clear the level form a long point of time, then try to use the power-ups to help you clear the level.
  • If you want not to get stuck in the stage, then keep using all the power-ups and boosters at the right point of time to clear the level without any issues.
  • Get Gardenscapes Hack and you will can to have more currencies.

These are some of the important things the user has to know to clear the levels in a better want and not get stuck.

Some Important detail about score hero currencies


Everyone is well known with the fact football is really liked in Europe, so score hero initially has all the teams of Europe to choose from. The reason behind this is one of the superlative teams in all the world is from Europe, so eventually, people like it a lot. If you are also a fan of these teams, then it is the finest option for you.

There are a huge number of small-small things in the game which can be really helpful for the player to play the game in the finest way. We all know currencies play the most important part of the game. So it is really important to have all the knowledge about them in detail. Let us talk about them in detail. There are mainly two types of currency used in this game.

  1. Cash
  2. Stars

These two currencies are used in the game. Every currency had their own importance and used according to the situation. The most excellent about the game is most of the things in the game will eventually unlock with time without wasting a huge amount of money.

  1. Cash

It is the main currency in the game. Cash is the premium currency of the game. You may have seen after making the wrong move you have to restart the stage. This consumes a huge amount of time and waste life as well and makes the game look hard than it usually is. That’s the point you need the cash to undo the move and try again to do it again. But make sure to use them when it is really important only don’t waste them unwisely.

  1. Stars

Stars are the main part of the game, and the entire game is based on these stars as you have to earn them if you want to play the game forward. Along with this these stars are used to unlock the game forward. So make sure you collect as much as stars as you can or by getting Score Hero Hack.

Boxing star- An exclusive guide for beginners

In the era of digital world everybody likes to play games. So today we come with best trending game the boxing star. It is the boxing-based game with lots of missions and modes. The controls are very easy, but without the essential information, you not play the game. If you want to learn how to play the game, then read the article.

How to play-

If you are a beginner and not know how to play The boxing star then here information is available. Firstly for playing it download form game store. If you are an Android user, then download it from play store. As per the IOS user download it from the app store. After download, the game installs in your device and open it. In the starting, you will get the option to log in with Facebook and play as the guest. Via the Facebook, you will get some certain amount of gold, but it will be possible on a higher level.

The many modes are available on your screen. The training mode is available for beginners. This mode teaches you about the controls of the game. In the training mode you also get the some extra points. Now I tell you best mode for beginners.

  1. Story mode-

Lots of modes are available, but story mode is one of the best modes for beginners. When you complete your training, then you should join the story mode. In the story mode lots of chapters are present and in the chapters many types of missions. Starting missions are easy to complete the starting missions fast. You will also get the free coins and many things with the help of those missions or with Boxing Star Hack. So if you are beginners and want to get extra points and rewards, then you should first join the story mode.


SimCity Buildlt- Cracking Tips for earning currencies

SimCity Buildlt is developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. It is the best simulation game in the whole world. The game is available for free on Android and IOS devices. But some things are available in-game store for purchase. It is a virtual dream world, or every person wants to go in it. You are the hero of own world, or you can build up many buildings, parks factories, and many other things. Many tasks and adventure are available in it. Via the Mayor’s club, you can play a team match and trade with friends. From its graphics, the virtual world looks like the real world.

How to earn currencies-

As per you know currencies are the most important part of a game. For level up in the game and make the building, park, factories money must require. If you are beginners and not know about currencies, then I will tell you detail about how to earn currencies. In the game, many ways are available to earn free currencies but one of the best by getting Simcity Buildit Hack. Three types of coins are available.

  1. Simoleons
  2. SimCash
  3. Golden Keys

Now I tell you how to earn these all currencies in the game.

Way to earn Simoleons-

So many techniques are available for earn free simoleons. You will gain a significant amount of currencies by performing some activates. Many missions and adventurers give you currencies.

  1. Taxes from Citizens- It is the best way to earn free simoleons. When you are charging on citizen at the time, you will receive some free simoleons. So it is the very easy path to earn.
  2. Via Buildings- When you update the buildings then you will receive some simoleons. You also receive it via update some things. So it is also the best way to earn.
  3. Unlocking Buildings- When you update the specific building then you will receive the currencies. You can also obtain it via purchase the structure. So that is also an excellent way to earn free simoleons.
  4. Convert from Simcash- It is also a good way to make free Simoleons. The company will give you an excellent facility of covert into simoleons. Via converting you receive simcash as simoleons.

How to earn SimCash-

It is the second money and premium currency of the game. We can earn it by performing many activates. In the game, the limit source is available to collect it. The player can receive currency as the rewards as the new player. It is only received by developing the city and upgrade the city.

Golden Keys-  

The golden keys are the essential and premium currency of the game. It is earned from limited resources. But some resources are available like cargo shipment and other resources. So it the entire best path to winning golden Keys free.